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Joy to the World


Three Poems
Alien Buddha Zine 8(print)

Fulfillment Is the Enemy of Yearning

The Universal Idiocy of the Human Race

My Life as a Short Poem
Alien Buddha (print)

2018 and Earlier
Online and Print Publications

Winter Solstice


The Blessed Solidarity of the Dead

Independence Day

The Sound of One Hand Typing



Sleep is for Wimps

The Sound of One Hand Typing

Alone in Paris


Independence Day

Better Than Jesus

Brother EP 43

Wilderness Solitude

Better Than Jesus

The World is Divided

Ten Hells and Counting

The Line

Children of my Soul

Gods and Demons

My Favorite Places

Gently Flows the Rhine

The Unbearable Solidarity of the Dead

Humanity, the Exterminating Angels

My Muse Likes a Good Buzz

Joy to the World

Sports Towel Woman

Lowered Expectations

Breakfast at the Local Diner

God Is On Our Side, but Where's Buddha?

Day Two in the Golden Trout

Quest for the Perfect Typewriter

Ghost Tears

The Bear Who Invoked Regret for All My Failed Relationships
Askew (print)

The Party Animal #2

Nights of Poetry

Muse is a Green Fairy

Farm Animals

On the Rhine

The Poet's Enema

January 3rd, 2010

Pinto Basin

Reading Bukowski Drunk

The Eagle Has Landed

Pass the Caffeine, Please

Emotion on Demand

Kurt's Law
Do We Dare (print)

When the Going Gets Tough
Do We Dare (print)

Do We Dare (print)

Another Storm Approaches
Do We Dare (print)

Plagiarism is the Sincerest Form of Flattery


Do We Dare (print)

Shivering in Pleasant Valley
Do We Dare (print)

Five Men
Do We Dare (print)

Do We Dare (print)

Reading Proust

Stringing Barbed Wire

Fuck National Poetry Month

Caffeinated Lies

To Die in Bed

The Party Animal

Wild Unstable Sluts

Facebook Invites

Cathouse, The Series

Geppetto’s Burden

A Poem for a Cow

A Snake in My Bathroom


Heartache at the Baroque Corral

Unrequited Dreams

The Game

The Great Mystery

I'll Paint You in Words

Open Book

Baroque Osmosis

My Last Battle

On Being Normal

Life in the 21st Century

Finally, Hope

You've Got Mail

Miscommunicating by Poetry

Watching the hot pigeons suffer and fuck
Literary Chaos (print)

Sobriety is Overrated
Literary Chaos (print)

An Extra Hour of Death
Literary Chaos (print)

The Man Not There

Ode to Maldoror

You, C.

Catalog Fantasies

If they only knew

Chinese Fortune Cookies

The Single Life

Fuck the Machine

Confessions of an Amateur Drunk

We’ve Just Talked


Duck and Cover

Lisa and Garrett's Wedding

Ode to a Drunken Muse

Time Snob

Another Cold Morning

Why do people not go insane?

A Poem for Someone Unknown

Backing out of the parking lot

Failed Suicide


Some People


The Other Day

The Shits

Slip Slidin' Away

What Is?
Literary Chaos (print)

Nothing New
Literary Chaos (print)

For a Suicidal Spider

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