Every evening has its drama
shadow wolves of the night
prowl the mind’s deepest corners
hiding behind the trees of memory
and howling in the light
of a full blood moon
singing songs of angst and despair
the human condition inescapable
life’s impermanence
the source of cover and shelter
more shadows for the wolves
more challenges for the seeker.

A glass man stands motionless in the twilight
he knows
glass is fragile
so easily broken
hopes, dreams, everything wished,
life itself, glass,
all glass,
so he stands still.

To stand motionless or not
that is the question
the answer in
Newton’s Law of Inertia
a body at rest or
a body in motion,
the choice is ours
either way
into the proverbial valley
cannons to the right,
cannons to the left,
Tennyson would probably agree
victory unlikely
sitting on a couch.

Whoever seeks further is already lost
thus wrote Remarque
a life is a life is a life
why then
do I and so many others
think and worry and stress
and miss out on creation’s greatest gift
forgetting what we already know,
we live.


(published in “Alien Buddha Zine 8”)

© Paul Hellweg. All rights reserved.