Watching the hot pigeons suffer and fuck

Bukowski wrote those
words of wisdom
highlighting the human condition,
highlighting my condition,
hot pigeons do suffer and fuck
for the sake of their species
all of us
all of them
all of creation
we suffer and fuck for the sake
of perpetuating our species,
field mice dart from bush to bush
trying to avoid the hawk’s eye,
rabbits scurry to their burrows
coyotes in hot pursuit
(some make it, some don’t),
baby snakes devour baby mice,
baby birds fall from their nests,
deer thrash about in a
mountain lion’s hot grasp,
and another fish goes down
the croc’s throat
while I drink my beer,
sad, lonely, depressed,
wishing C. were here,
hell, wishing anyone were here,
thinking about how I suffer,
as another baby bird slips
and is gone,
and the hot pigeons fuck some more.


© Paul Hellweg. All rights reserved.