Kurt's Law

I love my new beer stein,
fourteen inches high, holds a full six-pack,
Je edler das Nass, je heller der Sang,
“The nobler the drink, the brighter the song.”
Now when some disapproving soul inquires,
I can look ‘em in the eye and say,
truthfully, I had but two or three.
Problem is, I’ve never understood
why I give a shit about
self-centered, self-righteous censors who
fail to comprehend that life,
as Vonnegut points out,
is either boring or scary, and
it’s my muse’s will
we should never condemn
whatever it takes to cope with
the terrible curse our species
has been called upon to endure.


(first published in “Do We Dare”)

© Paul Hellweg. All rights reserved.